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A Free and Fun Way to Prepare For CAASPP

Test Preparation focused on engagement and improvement.

Fully Integrated with released CAASPP Content

Our test preparation activities use CAASPP-released questions so students can familiarize themselves with authentic question types and test formats. 

The activities have been organized to allow teachers to assign questions independently or as group activities to foster discussion and collaborative learning, so students can tackle test prep in the way best suited for their success.

Available for Every Grade!

Low Anxiety Test Prep

The Knowledgehook platform has been designed to create a low pressure environment for students to work through CAASPP test preparation, so they can focus on learning the fundamental underlying concepts. 


Students can ask their teacher for help anonymously through our platform to avoid the anxiety of raising their hand in front of their peers. Teachers can privately assign individualized content to struggling students without worrying about singling them out to the class.

Realtime results on how your class is performing

Knowledgehook provides teachers working on CAASPP test preparation realtime results on where their students sit compared to state averages. 


Teachers can follow the progress of their class as testing dates approach, and with Knowledgehook’s learning gaps insights, are given the tools they need to perform the interventions to close these gaps.

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Free Forever!

The Knowledgehook core teacher product will always remain free.

A Platform Designed for

Year-Round Improvement

Fully Aligned to state curriculum

Knowledgehook is a comprehensive K-10 Solution fully aligned to the U.S. Common Core standards, allowing teachers to work with each student on their learning goals throughout the entire school year. 


Our curriculum-aligned assessments and professional learning resources are designed by math experts, making it easy for teachers to understand student thinking and take applicable next steps.


All of our aligned activities can be run in different ways to meet student and teacher need:


Whole-class quiz games that encourage discussion and help identify and address issues in the moment.


Engaging assignments that can be assigned at an individual or class level to allow students to work at their own pace.

Start the school year off right

With Knowledgehook’s Kick-Off Mission activities, teachers can start the school year gathering important initial data on where their new students may have learning gaps in material from previous grade levels.

Classroom tested in Two Languages

State-aligned curriculum available in English & Spanish to meet standards and student needs.

Inclusive and engaging for all students

We believe that engagement and inclusivity are at the foundation of learning. We've designed fun and gamified formative assessments that students love and see themselves in, sparking rich student-to-teacher and student-to-student math discourse.

Signing up for a FREE Knowledgehook account is easy:

Enter your email address and choose your password.
Fill in your name and select your school
Name and pick the grade of your class

Giving Teachers the Tools They Need to Make a

Bigger Impact in the Classroom

Lead vs Lag Data / Real Time Teacher Insights

As students engage in the formative assessments, differentiated by individual or group, lead data is generated, and Insight reports are instantly provided for teachers to review. Here, teachers can immediately identify knowledge gaps.

Real-Time, Teacher Driven, Job Embedded Professional Learning.

Teachers instantly access PD resources directly tied to closing specific knowledge gaps, including:

Math foundational information to support teachers’ own learning on the content knowledge, pedagogy and best practices associated with the math concepts tied to the identified gap

Common misconceptions to help teachers understand what they are seeing and what they can do about it

Evidence-based intervention resources (hands-on worksheets) and lessons to leverage in the moment for 1:1 or group remediation

Committed to Data Privacy and Security

We do not share or sell student, teacher or administrator data with any third party and ensure our data is securely stored and access-controlled. 


To learn more about our commitment to data privacy and security, visit our privacy centre.

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